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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC,                167

I dined yesterday at Neilson's with La Harpe,
Henri la Riviere, and M. Chevenix, son of an Irish
bishop, and we all adjourned to the Lyc6e to hear
La Harpe dissert on " Merope "; but he had taken
more of the Burgundian than the Castalian spring,
and made very dull stuff of his speech.

Carmelite, boue de Pans, and purple, are now the
fashionable colours for women.

How dear Paris has grown! Every article of
dress costs nearly double what it did ten years ago.
I am compelled to be very economical with my
two pounds a day, and can hardly make it do.

Except at balls, all descriptions of women cover
their necks very much; most of them cover their
shoulders and half their bodies with large coloured
handkerchiefs, generally purple, with broad borders
of rose colour or orange. Men wear coloured
handkerchiefs as cravats.

I find your friend Le Maitre was looked upon
as a maumise Ute, and was enveloped in a foolish

its merits.   The following is a sample oŁ one of their songs;

"La guillotine est un joujou,
Aujourdhui des plus & la mode;
J'en veux en bois d'acajou,
Que je mettrai sur ma commode,
Je 1'essayerai soir et matin,
Afin que, n'6tant point novice,
Je sois pret des le lendemain,
Łn cas que je sois de service."